About Us

Who we are?

We are the young spirit of our industry! We are entrepreneurs who work with a 360° service approach and believe in the win-win principle. We are professionals who turn the excitement of creativity into business success.

So who is involved in this success story?

Yiğit Can Ermer


He completed his bachelor's degree in Marketing at Bahçeşehir University Faculty of Communication. In the same period, he made his first commercial breakthroughs in Tahtakale, Istanbul. He completed his acting training with Şahika Tekand. He took part in the theater stage and in front of the camera for more than 10 years. He has been continuing his career in Athens, Greece, since 2018. She took her acting experiences to an international scale in Greece and added jewelry design to her skills. Since 2020, it has been developing innovative business models in the field of real estate consultancy and management. Favorite painter: Amedeo Modigliani.


Emrah Mokan

Operations Director

He completed his undergraduate degree in Cinema and master's degree in Journalism at Ankara University Faculty of Communication. He continued his copywriting career, which he started in Istanbul, in different countries in English and Turkish. After his career adventure in Colombia, he returned to Athens.

He speaks advanced Turkish, English and casual Greek. As Hooby, he works as a short story writer and musician. Favorite cartoon character: BoJack Horseman.


Burhan Köse

Real Estate Analyst

Burhan Kose is an active member of the site, specializing in real estate. After completing his education in English Language and Literature at the Aegean University, he continued his academic studies at the University of Athens. He speaks Turkish, English and Greek professionally and continues to make significant contributions to the real estate market. Favorite musician: Julian Casablancas

Ioanna Basia


He specialized in Tax Law after completing his bachelor's degree in Law and his master's degree in Private International Law & International Trade Law at the University of Athens. He has extensive experience in civil law cases and especially in the field of real estate. Fluent in Greek, Turkish and French, Ioanna represents both individuals and legal entities internationally. Favorite TV show: You Are My Soulmate


Nuri Soner Demirsoy

Data Analyst

He completed his education at Dokuz Eylül University, Department of Geological Engineering. Then he moved to the United States for 1 year for language education. He has been continuing his career in Greece since 2018, providing analyst services to multinational companies. He speaks fluent Turkish, English and Greek. As a hobby, he is interested in music and modeling. Favorite guitar model: Gibson Les Paul.


Genco Gurcay

Sales Representative

Genco Gürcay, a graduate of Doğuş University Industrial Engineering, was born in Istanbul. He continues his career as an experienced sales professional. He worked as a sales specialist on behalf of Jaguar and Land Rover brands for 11 years and provided VIP service to his customers. She worked as a Customer Relations and Sales Specialist in international companies in Athens, Greece, for 6 years. He developed his expertise in sales and customer relations. He speaks Turkish, English and Greek. Favorite automotive brand: Tesla

Our Team

At our team, each of us brings unique skills and inspirations to the table. By collaborating and working towards a common goal, we tackle challenges and reach new heights.

Emrah Mokan

Operasyon Direktörü

Nuri Soner Demirsoy

Veri Analisti

Genco Gürcay

Sales Specialist

Burhan Köse

Emlak Analisti