Short Term Rental



You want to invest in real estate or manage your real estate in Greece. As you realize your dreams, you have some reasons to include us in your plans.

The doors of your home open to the corporate world.

We carry out customer communication through our website with online payment infrastructure and social media channels. Visitors become acquainted with the local establishment on exterior directions, key rings, doormats, welcome books, in-home usage instructions and towels, their confidence increases and the value of your home increases.

Your business progresses in your native language.

yêr's management team and legal department speak Turkish, so you will not be unfamiliar with your investment.

You feel safe with the 360° service approach.

You can easily handle our Golden Visa, real estate consultancy, real estate investment and management services with our lawyers, accountants and notaries, and complete all your work under one roof.

What is Short Term Rental?

You can access detailed information with easy-to-understand reports.

You will be informed about your business on a monthly and annual basis with our modern designed reports that we have developed. You won't get lost among complex numbers, you will see what's ahead.

You will be connected to a prestigious business network in Greece.

You will be connected to a prestigious business network in Greece. You work with the most prestigious companies in your field. You can quickly connect to our business network that we have developed over many years, and experience the advantage of doing joint business with a large team in Greece.

You will share our business excitement.

We love our job and fulfill our responsibilities with enthusiasm. We are expanding our service area day by day, following the developments and continuing to learn. We are the young spirit of our industry! We want to grow our business excitement with you.